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  1. Thank You very much Hawk, That was exactly the answer I was looking for. ;D
  2. When I clicked on the campaigns, I was taken to the main campaign screen that you see when you first start playing (the museum thingee).
  3. I made a map and checked the campaign box, but when I went to new campaign on the main menu, my map did not show up.
  4. ??? In the editor, when you create a map it has two check boxes: Sandbox and Campaign. Obvoiusly one scenerio doesn't make a campaign, but how do you really create campaigns with your custom made maps? ???
  5. There was one scenarion in the campaigns that actually announced when the suspension bridge became available, I guess I'll just have to play them all again to find out eventhough I have already beat them. :-\
  6. I know that you can not build it any time. I was playing Dutchlantis with over $20 Million in cash and could not build it until later in the game and it only cost slightly over $10 Million. There has to be a certain year that the game will allow you to build one. Since my map depends on having a suspension bridge available, I need to know what year it becomes available so that I can plan my events and win conditions accordingly. Thanks for your help. ???
  7. I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear, I'm working on a new map and I need to know how to make a suspension bridge available to the player. I've checked the events, and it is not listed. Does it become available automatically, and if so at what year.
  8. Can anyone please tell me how to make suspension bridges available on RRT3 maps? ???
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