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suspension bridges

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Do you want to build one in the editor.

If so you do it the same way you do in a game.

To do this: give yourself room on each bank to start and stop the bridge,

and hold the mouse button down as you sweep from shore to shore.

A few maps do restrict bridge building.

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I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear, I'm working on a new map and I need to know how to make a suspension bridge available to the player.

I've checked the events, and it is not listed. Does it become available automatically, and if so at what year.

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I know that you can not build it any time. I was playing Dutchlantis with over $20 Million in cash and could not build it until later in the game and it only cost slightly over $10 Million.  There has to be a certain year that the game will allow you to build one. Since my map depends on having a suspension bridge available, I need to know what year it becomes available so that I can plan my events and win conditions accordingly.

Thanks for your help. ???

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On a couple of the maps I built, I added a shore line territory one or two cell wide that did not allow track laying or bridge building until a certain date was reached.

I may be wrong but I don't remember a bridge building date being built into the game code.

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