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Semmering map-making goes on


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OK, my return to RT3 after some months & my return to building my Semmering map after 9 months - but now my final school year is over, so I've plenty of (well, at least more) time to continue with my project about the Semmering Railroad.

I've begun to write the events, but as I'm not a very experienced mapmaker (concerning event-scripting) I need some help every once and while (or every few days, put it like you want it to ;D )

I will post all my issues/questions/problems at Hawk's forum (as I've done in the past) here: http://hawkdawg.com/Forum/index.php?showforum=27

I guess it's the best solution to avoid unecessary double-postings - I just don't want to put the same topic on several RT forums on the net, getting the same (or completely different) answers on each thread.

So if you have time & want to help me, plz stop by  ;)


btw: here is my RT3/Semmering homepage, where you can gather some information about the Semmeringbahn & my map project: http://www.railroadtycoon.at.tf/ (unfortunately the page is offline at the moment and this could still remain so for a few weeks - down to the ISP, but hy, it's a free offer  ;D )

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OK - I'm continuing again, working on it with great eager, the holidays are here, the link where I cry for help is:

http://hawkdawg.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=31 As stated, I'd like to avoid double postings on each and every RT3 forum, I think this is the way to get the most results...

Thanks for your help in advance    ;)

btw, you can also post answers HERE (though I'd prefer answers collected in one place)

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