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Gaining personal wealth?

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Hello all

I am having trouble raising my personal wealth in the scenarios that require it to be X amount.

I try to buy stocks early but I still cant get the millions needed.  And when I try to manipulate the market it usually backfires and my advisor sells off all my stocks.

Thanks for any input.

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I've found the best way to increase Personal Net Worth is to watch and minipulate your trains.

A couple of methods are:

!.  You can stop a train short of a station and wait for the month to end before entering a station.  Each month the game engines looks at profit to figure the price of stock for the new month.

2.  Lets Say you have 10 trains running and all are set for long hauls so that none will reach a station for two months.  With no income for two months your stock value should drop at the end of the month. Sell a few shares. (sometimes an AI chairmen will buy your stock if you drop the value well below the value of your company and him doing this will cause the price to rise back up, so don't sell too many shares)   At the start of the 3rd month see if you will have a number of high value trains about to arrive at a station, the profit will cause your stock to increase in value.  You then have all of this 3rd month to buy back the stock you sold and maybe a few more shares to increase the share value slightly above you company value.

You can to a point do this with AI RRs.  To figure what AI profit will be, See if there is cargo at the AI stations and how many trains are running full or empty.  It is the arrival of value trains that make money for the AI and affect the value of its stock.

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Buy back stock to increase stockholder's equity (aka, net worth =  assets - liabilities).  This is the quickest way.


Increasing assets should increase net worth (i.e., purchase businesses that have high profit margins) but I haven't seen an immediate effect. 


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There are many methods of accummulation of PNV. I don't usually have a problem with the goals for PNV, """unlesss""" there are multiple goals which include both or all of CBV and LIP. Almost like ""taking the money from Peter to pay Paul"" LOL

But that does make for an interesting game play. Some times it takes more than 1 attempt with a better economy.

Good Luck.

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