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re-make map needs testing


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I re-made the RRT2 Apple War map.

It now has fewer passengers to haul and 20 AI chairmen to compete with in building track.

Most of the events and goals are the same but the map will now be won or loss depending upon you ability to gain and maintain 51% of track milage.  Tycooning is allowed.

The map is now called "Apple Industry"

If there is interest I will post the map.  Then I will work on this computer to get RRT3 running again.

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Gwizz, if the results can wait a little while I certainly would be interested. If you like you can email me the map and I will get to it as soon as I can but can

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I'm on my 5th try on this new Apple map.  The 1st four tries ended in a loss before one year with completed.

On this try I've refind my methods and it looks like I will survive the 1st year.  I keep thinking of more events to add or modify, so I'm not in a hurry on this Apple Map.

I started work on my web page today as if i didn't have enough to do. 

Still haven't tried to fix thye crashing problem I have running RRT3.

If I ever quit procrastinating I will call Western Digital and ask why, their program I used installing the new hard drive, caused this problem.  The program made a change in the bios and I can't find a copy of the original bios settings.  Dummy me, I didn't make a copy believing the program would.

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I'll try testing your map too. 

I'm only a mediocre player so I probably won't last too long If you're only lasting a year, but I'd like to give it a whirl. :)  I don't have a whole lot of time, but I make time for RT2. 

You sound really busy, but could you take a look at the map myself and maddog made - Susquehanna.  We spent a lot of time on it and although it looks like it's been downloaded several times, we haven't gotten any feedback on it.  Thanks


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I think I downloaded your map and I will give it a try.

I'm still working on the Apple map.  I can't survive much past the 1st year.

As they say, if at first you don't succeed, then try again, and again, and again then just take another route.

So I will make the map a bit easier to play.

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My computer has been down and now I can't log on since I cleaned my hard drive where my passwords were stored.  I added a Z to my name and now I can log on but any messages will be under the old Name.  Some place I have those passwords written down.  I just have to find them.

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