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Susquehanna Map


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone downloaded and tried the Susquehanna Map by myself and maddog.  I'd really like to hear some feedback.  Is it hard/easy, interesting/dull? 

I've been away for a while and when I finally got back here to check the message board, I was a little disappointed with the lack of response to the original map announcement post.

I'd really like to know how we did.



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I just spent some time playing the map.

I  enjoyed the map but didn't play for a win.  I'm not a play for a win player.

I UNCHECKED connected track and activated the bulldozer and changed the start date to an earlier date (1895) and added some steam locos.

I like track building and wanted to plant unconnedcted track and use the bulldozer so I could do some stitching of the track to lower grades.  I also added 5 more AI Chairmen and used their RRs to supply mine.  I wish RRT3 had drop shipping. 

The map has good balance and was well done. 

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I guess I didn't save the remake as a map.  Looked for a save game, but no luck.  Sorry.

What is the extension for a game map?  .MAP  MP2 is the game extension. 

If I do find it I will post it.  I might have it is the waste basket.  I'll look

I did post my remake of Africa after the flood.  Now called - Island Africa.

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I tried down loading the map from the site and a zip file containing a media player file that doesn't run was what I got. I'm doing something wrong!?? Any way I would like to play it because I like the midwest region.

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