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please help! please?


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i have weird problem. well, 2 weeks ago i visited st. petersburg (russia's second city of population, i live in estonia, no it's not a sandwich, and yes, there excist countries smaller, than texas). and there i saw railroad tycoon 3!! i have longed for this game for so long! and can you imagine the price? 180 roubles!! can you imagine that sum in dollars? take a great breath and...

it was

                                    ...5 dollars...

of course i automatically didn't think of a small detail, of this game being bought from russia, and other one, that it is physically not possible to find non-piracy from russia. no matter, wether we're talking of games or movies or music.

anyway, i didn't come here to talk of world's cheapest games, of course.  the problem is, that hard-working comrades had translated the fn* game into RUSSIAN  >:( >:( :'(. somehow i managed to get the language file, so the menus and other is in english. and i downloaded (i guess) every user-made map from internet, including exp.pack coast2coast. yet, it's not the same. i'm not very good at russian, but i would really-really-really-really want to play the original, maps in english.

what i wanted to say was: dear, generous rt3 players, could you please upload original maps to anywhere. and post here the links. or just (as i understand, it's possible?) upload here. thankyou i will reach them in 12 hours, max. so those don't have to stay anywhere too long.

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Got the language file? I presume you mean rt3.lng. If you have the English maps (English city names, briefing and headlines), and you have the English rt3.lng, i do not know what else you would.

If the city names, scenario instructions and so on are Russian then you need English maps.

If the cargo names, building names, and buttons are Russian then you need English rt3.lng.

You have these, but you still have problems?

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