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  1. yes there is enough interest! please do it :)
  2. don't know of french, but there sure is portuguese ;D
  3. i have ebglish rt3.lng, i have russian maps. i know, how to fix the maps problem, and i'm trying to do it right now;) all i need, is that original maps to be uploaded to interenet. and links here or to my email
  4. actually, they aren't very difficult. at least, i got the catch with 5 mins. all you got to do, is to make sure, that those lighter spots between those purple-pink ones are properly connected. erase extras. or add extras. depends on, how large the river should be. scematically, it should look loke this ---------------- , not this ---- --=-- =-=-- -=-- [=] - these were bad, double, not connected, light pieces.
  5. i have weird problem. well, 2 weeks ago i visited st. petersburg (russia's second city of population, i live in estonia, no it's not a sandwich, and yes, there excist countries smaller, than texas). and there i saw railroad tycoon 3!! i have longed for this game for so long! and can you imagine the price? 180 roubles!! can you imagine that sum in dollars? take a great breath and... it was ...5 dollars... of course i automatically didn't think of a small detail, of this game being bought from russia, and other one, that it is physically not possible to find non-piracy from russia. no matter, wether we're talking of games or movies or music. anyway, i didn't come here to talk of world's cheapest games, of course. the problem is, that hard-working comrades had translated the fn* game into RUSSIAN >:( >:( :'(. somehow i managed to get the language file, so the menus and other is in english. and i downloaded (i guess) every user-made map from internet, including exp.pack coast2coast. yet, it's not the same. i'm not very good at russian, but i would really-really-really-really want to play the original, maps in english. what i wanted to say was: dear, generous rt3 players, could you please upload original maps to anywhere. and post here the links. or just (as i understand, it's possible?) upload here. thankyou i will reach them in 12 hours, max. so those don't have to stay anywhere too long.
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