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Track-just passing through

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Here are some jpg's.

1. Three double tracks side by side from "Denver & Western" from March/04.

The snap-to feature allows some surprising track laying in addition to being able to lay tracks side by side. The following was all done legitimately in-game.

2. Here you see the tracks overlap so that the left line of the right hand track lies between the 2 lines of the left track. The trains are both moving, passing through each other.

The station on the right side is attached to the left hand track and vice versa.

If the tracks are laid a little further apart so that the left rail of the right track and the right rail of the left track overlap, trains will pass right through each other without stopping. Following are pictures of an "almost" situation.

3. Below is a jpg of the trains.

4. Below is a jpg of the track without the trains.

There is nothing practical about any of this of course, its just asthetics. From a practical point of view, twin stations should be far enough apart to conveniently and easily send a train between them. In fact, I noticed that you usually cannot send a train between 2 stations that cover the same footprint. The train will go halfway and then turn around and come back. This can probably be exploited for haul counts.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Wow! nice pics!

b, c, and d are quite interesting and funny, but pic A REALLY HITS MY INTERESTS....how did you manage THAT going?

Because that's what I've been dreaming of, to do that in RT3, but it didn't work, because of the snap-in radius....

I mean I haven't tried that out in 1.05 I think, as it was not listed as an improvement...in 1.05 changes

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I guess by now this has gotten about all the attention its going to, so for Wolverine and HighVoltage, here's the answer.

:D If you can tell the difference between a 150 KB jpg and a 3000 KB tga file, its pretty simple.

You just need 2 connectors. In the particular example attached, the 2 single tracks, when doubled, result in a middle track that carries trains right through each other without stopping.

Slight changes in distance and angle of the connectors to the straight track produce different spacings.

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I absolutely agree, Gwizz - feeder RRs, whether urban systems or NGs, were on my personal wishlist.

It looks like Chris Sawyers new RR game will have streetcars. I am considering looking at that, since I liked the predecessor, transport tycoon, - you had different rail systems in that one.

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