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Can I quadruple track - shoudl we be able to?

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Somehow this author managed to get an 8 lane rr going. I don't know how. It was in the editor, so it could have been a lot of trial and error.

As for managing traffic in-game - I have never needed more than two stations for busy hubs. If you run less traffic, the locos will choose the most profitable cargoes. Three ways to handle them (I use #2 the most often):

1) Connect them in line, say east to west. Traffic coming from the west stops at the western station, turns and leaves; same on the east. There is no through traffic. There are maintenance buildings at the eastern and western city limits, no closer. The service buildings are as far away as is possible, relieving congestion.

2) Make a cross. One station handles east and west traffic. The other handles north and south traffic, and overpasses the other track.

3) Be like a European city. Make a ring road.

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We should be able to indeed, but the problem is you can't, (I can't wait for RT4). The third and second solution seems to work best. If you build a ring with 3 or 4 stations and let trains arrive at the station of their direction and let another 2 trains operate as ring trains half your problem is gone.

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