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Looking for scenario advice

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Hello to all! I'm new here at the forum. I have been enjoying RT3 for a few months now. So, here's my question.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to beat the "average train speed" requirements? I'm mostly referring to the Orient Express and the Chunnel map.

I have tried a number of solutions. Such as running separate "express" trains, servicing spurs, and even the "Zagreb monks" Orca train (in Orient Express).

Any ideas?

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You could try

shorter trains,

all stone bridges,

sending only one train with one mail or passenger load, late in the scenario with a modern loco,

shipping espress cargoes only on long flat routes.

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There's dozens of threads on this subject at Gathering and other (incl this?) site - the easiest way is to only run trains of the opposite type to that needed (ie freight if you need express speed) and then build a long straight stretch with nothing on it (ie NO trains NO utilities) and wait until one train has run on express then turn that to freight only too so that, that one train, has acheived your average speed.

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