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I read in the map download the following:



(RRT2) - Made with the original version of the game.

(PopTop) - A map made by PopTop Software

(German, etc) - Map made in a language other then English.

(Blank) - A blank map with no events.

(Multi) - This map is meant for multiplayer games.


And I think "hey, this is useful, because I'm looking for multiplayer maps". But I click on the maps, and see no sign of the legend on the map info pages. What's this?

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Thanks for your replies! Multiplayer isn't as buggy as people think, normally I'm able to complete games (if I'm able to start them properly, that is!;) ). Someone told me that you shouldn't bulldoze in MP because that will cause the game to crash. It sounded like nonsense at first, but it turned out it was actually true. Also, you shouldn't try to Alt-tab your way back to windows during gameplay. It's sad that so few people want to play multiplayer, right now it's 5.30 pm here (Europe), so it should be prime time for the europeans to come and play, but there are only 3 players (including me). That sucks!

By the way: Someone told me that the Baghdad map works in MP already, but I haven't tried that yet.

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