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Crash in XP

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I have rt3 patched to 1.03 with a nocd patch from gamecopyworld. (young kids and disks don't mix well).

However, whenever try to start the game it crashed to the "Send/Don't send" WinXP dialogue box.

Have tried this on an WinME partition on the same machine and it works fine, but I want to remove the ME partition and use XP only.

Anyone any suggestions to make this XP-able


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Thanks for that site.

It didn't help me fix it but it shows that it's a common problem and that RT3 doesn't appear to like WinXP and nVidia graphics cards.

Looks like I'll have to hope the next rt3 patch and/or the next graphics drivers help!

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I have Win XP and a Geforce 4 card, and have the problem too. I pick a scenario, it loads and starts, and RT3 ends.

I tried everything. I bought the game in January, and had no problems in the beginning, but  suddenly it started. I dont know if the Update to Patch 1.02 then 1.03 solved it or caused it to appear at first, but at some point it was working again, i dont know what i did, or what setting i changed in options, but it ran perfectly fine for a few months. Now i have the Problem AGAIN, without having changed anything. And reinstall did not help either :-(

I would be happy if somebody could identify exactly what setting i ned to disable, or if it is the Nvidia driverversion that causes it

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