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Antartica Map


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How does one post a map on this site?  I have NOT seen a place one can upload to in the forum, so it looks like this site only wants links to other sites... and that does NOT serve my purpose. Hopefully I'll figure this system out in a few minutes or hours  :)

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Antarctica 'Grayscale' ready for fixing and use...

1. Replace any yellow with either red (255 0 0 RGB values) or black (0 0 0) - red becomes ocean and black becomes land at 0 meters elevation.

2. Fix up the seam residue that goes left from the south pole and curves upward. Look at each hole on land and smooth it out to the level of the surrounding land. Fill in the holes in the ocean with RED.

3. Go around the coast and fix anything with a GREEN value that is out of line so that you get rid of the SPIKES that will otherwise show up in the map that you create.  The colours work out that each increase in 1 in the Green is another 256 meters in elevation, so if the Green is 4 when it should be 1 you have about 1 kilometer of extra elevation, and a SPIKE is the end result.  Blue increases by one for each meter. There should be NO RED in any of the coastline LAND pixels. RED in those is a bleed over and will also cause problems.

When you have done these three minor but time consuming things you can generate the MAP in the Game using the Extras feature and then paint and populate it.  In this map, one pixel is about 11 kilometers, and the topography is a deceptively smooth climb up the one big mountain or ice sheet.

Have fun!  If you build a map first via the Game's engine, you will see where the spikes are and where the seam is that needs to be fixed, BTW.  Get rid of the Yellow first, however.

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This RAW map of Antarctica is without the spikes, and without the problem of the curved line and missing data at a seam. I have included the TGA used to create this map, as you can use it to produce a map of your own with different elevations.  Basically it is ready to use, unless you do not like the elevations.

The map includes a note as to its scale in one corner, and a pointer to South America in another, both in the ocean so not impacting the actual land mass.

Note the following - the ICE SHELVES are NOT in this map!  This is the actual land mass of Antarctica, and if you look at an atlas that includes the ice shelves you will see where they end and what they cover.

I generated the MAP using .3 1 and 1 as the values in the game map generator. That is approximately correct.  However you can play with this if you start with the TGA. I ask that you put the same credit note in the corner if you do so that is in the current map.

Otherwise, enjoy and have fun...


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