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I don't play online very often but I know there is a lot of people who do. I am in the process of setting up a ICQ script that will list people who are willing to play others online, I hope to have it ready in the next few days. There is also a few people looking for a ladder to play on, since the older site is currently down. I contacted the webmaster about the current status and am waiting for a response. If we can get a ladder going but need people to help administer it would anyone be interested in helping out?

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Gobalopper owns this site but has been busy with his job.  He will stop by occasionally.

I don't know if the ICQ script is still in place. I never used it.

The Terminal is a good RT2 map site and that is the reason I'm trying to keep it alive.

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Hehehe, yes I realize.  ;D

Well Gwizz, I think this site and this forum very cool. I'm new here, but I think this kind of community is very important.  It's hard to find someone still likes the old games, so we must need to have a place to put them together.

I'm also in contact with OpenTTD community, but they are not friendly like here.

So, I don't know if we need something specific for this. We can just create a fix topic where people who wants to play online can leave their contact. Or we can create an IRC channel.

Just ideas!

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... and that is the reason I'm trying to keep it alive.

Is *that* what you are doing!

I've been trying very hard not to even look at your most recent posts, at the risk of encouraging you further.  But I couldn't resist the "Scalar Fields" (which is a deliberate joke BTW, anyone with any mathematical knowledge will see this is an oxymoron).

If you really want to revive interest, post some of your maps, or at least map ideas!

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I'm sure our governments want us to believe it is bunk.  The first time I read about it I was doubtful.

Then I started thinking back to questions I had in the past:

I remember reading where Tesla blew the top off of a mountain from another mountain top.

I think he did this in the 1920s or 1930s.  I often wondered how he did that.

For a long time I wondered of weather control was possible.  Then the Russians offered to send rain to put out Burma's big fire some 30 or more years ago.

Every time we have a lightning storm I wonder where all that energy comes from.  I know warm moist air bumps against cold dry air resulting in lightning.  But exactly why does this happen.

When that tether was lowed from a space craft and the energy about fried the astronauts as the tether burned away, even NASA was surprised by the amount of energy they found in the space above earth. 

I don't know about this being bunk.  It seems to make more sense than any thing I have read before.

I have electricity that controls my muscles and I'm not hooked to any batterers.

I understand the body creates chemical reactions.  But why does chemical reaction even work? 

Not even science knows for sure.  They know it works but not exactly why it works.

Zero point has about replaced Einsteins mathematical theory. 

I think I'll keep an open mind on this one. 

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Hey guys, we don't have an ICQ list these days... I'm not sure very many people even use ICQ?

In other forums I have seen threads that are stickied and contain contact information for people interested in playing. Something like that might be a good idea here too.

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