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Help!!! The Emperor Worm mission!


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I've finally defeated House Atreides, and took their homeworld Caladan over. But now i have to fight the Ordos, together with the Guild AND the Tleilaxu.

I have Sards and Projectors as allies.

I lost, the Guild overran me during the attack when you get attacked by both sides.

How can i beat the mission and how can i get to the abandoned base without getting hit by the mega cannon?

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in the beginning of the game,they gave you these:

1. 3 devastator

2. 2 projectors

3.some missile tanks

all you need to do is to seal off the small entrance with walls.the computer will now concentrate their attack on the bigger entrance.project 4-5 devastator and put them in the front line of your defense together with 5 missile tanks.build some assault tank to kill the leech spore(there will be a tleilaxu attack afterwards).assault tanks are very useful against leech spore,around 1-2 shots will kill the leech that is stick on your vehicle.keep your projectors alive and when you formed a strong economy background,try do upgrade your technology andbuid A lot of devastor and missile tank for your defense.it will be better to have some ADP in your base. OK-that is your defense

now to the attack on the emperor worm.build three fremen camp and build 20 fremen fedys.group them into 5.(each group has 4 fedys).wait till the the enemy attack become weaker(there is about countdown time)sneak your fedys carefullyto the emperor worm.later,scatter them around the emperor worm and ATTACK.the emperor worm will die before the guild megacannon can strike.wait for your victory.(after that,your can have the worm as your dinner ;D ;D)

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build some walls to block the smaller entrance to your base.they will not attack the smaller entrance but they will go for the bigger one.build more projectors(around 3 is enough) and duplicate more devastator.you may need some buzzsaws or flametank to kill their contaminator.when your defense is quite well established,build "real" things because you're not sticking to fake units forever.then,do as what i said in my last post.(fedaykins)

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