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Co-op Campaign???


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OK, let me try this again (did not seem to post on my first attempt). I recently returned to playing Emperor after a long time away. I downloaded patch 1.09 and began to play the campaigns. While I was getting the patch, however, I read a bit more about the game and I caught the words "co-op campaign" in several places. Is it actually possible to play through the campaign with another player in a co-op fashion, or are the multiplayer maps the only means of playing multiplayer (whether as allies or opponents)? A brief clarification would be appreciated.

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You're other post in case has more info:

I recently pulled out my old discs for Emperor and began playing again after several years away from the game. I enjoy the campaigns, though I have never found any RL friends who play the game to go up against in a multiplayer game. Recently though, while reading up a bit about the game when I downloaded patch 1.09, I saw the words "co-op campaign" thrown around here and there. Is it actually possible to play the CAMPAIGNS in a multiplayer co-op mode, or was it just a misnomer used by those people? Is multiplayer co-op only available in the normal multiplayer maps in which you can ally with or fight against other human players? After reading "co-op campaign" I ran the game again and searched for ways to play the campaign on co-op but saw none. A brief clarification would be appreciated.

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