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Multiple problems running D2K


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Hey everyone,

I managed to find my old copy of Dune 2000 when I was moving house and installed it. I love the game and would really like to get into it again but I'm running into several problems.

Opening cinematics were playing yesterday but now have stopped, I just get an error saying 'unable to play movie' then the game continues straight to the main menu.

The Harkonnen campaign is completely unplayable, the Atreides and Ordos starting bit with the planet and back story works but I haven't tested past that point yet. The Harkonnen option however causes the game to completely freeze and takes some time to close after being force closed.

After playing for about half an hour the game locks up (tested on practice multiplayer).

Anyway those are the problems I'm having so far...I'm running windows 7 32-bit OS and had already considered that it could be OS incompatibility so I've tested compatibility for Windows 95 and XP. Neither seems to have had any effect on the game. I've also updated to the 1.06 patch found on this site.

Any help much appreciated, I've always been a huge fan of pretty much anything Dune and would really like to be able to play this again.

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That's odd. Tried Gruntlord's version? Maybe your CD is corrupted?

Haven't yet, should be uncapped at midnight (yay for days off!) so hope to download it tonight to test. I'm not sure...i remember using a burned copy ages ago but I'm pretty sure it was burned off the disc I found recently. Just not sure, will test Gruntlord's version.

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