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D2TM - Graphics

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I recolored a background used in my D2KMODSW to fit with DUNE II hue. Note that it is not seamless.

So I created a seamless background from it, but of course the plug-in used as usual ate some detail and didn't give optimal results.

Possible usage: 'nextconquest' map menu.


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This is slightly off topic. But is there any version of Dune II that uses the style used in the Genesis/Megadrive version of Dune 2 mixed with the style of the original C&C and C&C Gold/95.

What I mean by this is, the context sensitive cursor, the glowing green and red line marks when you are deploying a building.

I really like side sidebar in Dune II - The Maker, and the new special effects are awesome. but is there a way turn off some of the lighting effects to make it look more like Dune II Genesis/C&C/C&C Gold/95

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