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Map creating for Dune 2 Maker


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I was thinking about creating maps, there is a relative fast way to create them. It works fine for me, but i wonder if it works for others? I also wonder if others could play the map i have created. So here's a little test. For me the map worked on the Maker Demo4 version.

See the attachment map02.txt

Place it in your skirmish map

map02.txt has to be changed into map02.ini

I have given it a cheesy name: "The Flower of Doom"

1 human player and max 3 CPU. All placed in a corner at the exact same location.

Please tell me what you think.


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I simply drawed the map on paper (with squares, math paper). I only drawed 1 corner since i wanted the map to be symitrical. Then i started typing the symbols into a new ini file. Then i calculated where the starting locations should be and entered those numbers.

Next time i will give it a try with the map editor.

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