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Emperor 2 - Unofficial mod


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Well, as it turns out, I have more spare time on my hands than I thought, so I thought I'd restart a mod that I put a lot of effort into, until a computer crash destroyed most of it.  Just thought I'd post some details of it over here, so people can see what I'm planning.  I know Emperor's practically dead now, but it would be nice to finally finish the mod.  So here's the basic facts about the mod:

  • Main houses:
    [o]   Includes the Fremen
    [o]   Includes the Sardaukar

  • Subhouses:


  • [+]Around 70 unique units
    [+]Over 20 new units
    [+]Skirmish/multiplayer only
    [+]New music
    [+]New tech tree to make the game more enjoyable, including Light Factories.

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  • [+]Imperial Scout
    [o]  Same as Harkonnen and Atreides Scout.
    [+]Imperial Recruit
  •   Weapon: Close range shotgun.
    [o]  Raw and untrained, these Imperial troops have been pushed into service by necessity, and are the basic foot soldiers of the Corrino forces.
    [+]Imperial Sardaukar
    [o]  Same as E:BfD unit.
    [+]Imperial Engineer
    [o]  Same as Atreides Engineer.
    [+]Imperial Sardaukar Elite
    [o]  Same as E:BfD unit.
    [+]Imperial Sardaukar General
  •   Weapons: Las-Gun and Knife
  •   Uncrushable
    [o]  Although they may not be as quick as their younger counterparts, their experience more than makes up for any shortcomings, turning these already feared troops into one man armies.

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Atreides/Harkonnen changes


  • Infantry
    [+]Harkonnen Inkvine Trooper
    [o]  Weapons: Inkvine Launcher and Flechette Pistol
    [o]  These troops have the capability to launch deadly Inkvine poison across the battlefield, however in order to use their weapon they must be deployed, so a sidearm is also carried.
    [+]Harkonnen Plastma Trooper
    [o]  Weapon: Plasma Cannon
    [o]  Equipped with the immensely powerful Plasma cannon, these troops are deadly foes for both vehicles and infantry alike.  However, their plasma cannisters on their backs are also highly explosive.

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I think, you can expand the list so (sorry I can't so good English):

- Guild: Maker, NIAB (E:BfD)

- IX: Cyborg (a heavly armoured robot, with lasergun)

- Ordos: Saboteur, Raider Trike (like in Dune II), Deviator

- Richese: suddenly I haven't got any idea.

- Tleilax: Contanimator (E:BfD), FaceDancer ("chameleon" warrior), Leeches



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