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Dune Editing news


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There's quite a bit of Dune Editing news out there to catch up on.

First of all, the Battle for Dune team have announced a name change to their project.  -FW-Wolf from the team explains:

" The name of a mod says a lot about it, what type of game it is, where it is set and what it is about. For sometime now just "Battle for Dune" felt like it had something missing, like it was just E:BFD but without the E:.  So after much time and thought about whether we wanted this or not and how things would go after. No one can see the future and so we have chosen to alter the mod's name.  So our new name will be, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins. We felt that this name is good and still very keeping in with what we are doing and what we want to get across."

They've also released some more images of the mod, including screenshots of a map set on Draconis IV (the Ordos homeworld), background images, renders of a new unit, the Atreides Repair Vehicle, renders of a Tleilaxu fleshvat, as well as other images.  A selection of these images can be seen below:

U4-1245457005.jpg[img width=168 height=105]http://www.fwclan.co.uk/forums/uploads/U4-1246055922.png

[img width=168 height=105]http://www.fwclan.co.uk/forums/uploads/U4-1247270708.png[img width=168 height=105]http://www.fwclan.co.uk/forums/uploads/U4-1247870546.jpg

The OpenDune team, consisting of TrueBrain and Xaroth from our forums, have released a 0.1 version of their Dune II clone, which is their first public release, and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.  For more information, have a look at their thread on our Dune Editing board, or alternatively their official site.

Another Dune II clone, OD2, has also been released recently as well.  OD2 has been created by segra from our forums, and has been, in his own words 'ported by hand to c++, just to see if I could'.  To have a look at this Dune II clone, head over to our forums here.

The Dune II Editor has just beenupdated to a 1.17 version.  Created by Nyerguds, the Dune II editor also supports the 1.07 version of the game.

MrFlibble has had two of his creations uploaded to Abandonia.  Both his Super Dune II: Classic Edition add-on for Dune II, and his Dune II 1.07 fix have been uploaded to the site, which is classic DOS games.  Regarding his Super Dune II: Classic Edition, TotalAnarchy from Abandonia writes:

"Prepare for a new session of strategic battles on the hot sands of Arrakis with MrFlibble's mod, Super Dune II: Classic Edition. Now available in the extras section, this modification of Dune II will try to improve and expand the original experience, the way the players feel it should." 

They can both be downloaded in the Dune II section of Abandonia.

Finally, some Dune 2000 modding news, with TSHyper releasing the first build of his HyperPatch.  The HyperPatch aims to add keyboard commands to the game, and allow it to run at much higher resolutions, and the forum thread on it can be found here.

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