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Index of important Dune II modding topics


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This list is supposed to allow quick access to most important Dune II modding topics in the Dune Editing forum. Note that a lot of information is scattered though the various topics. For a list of Dune II modding tools, go here:

List of Dune II Editing Tools

You can also learn a lot about the internal structure of Dune II by reading the OpenDUNE Forums (especially the Developer's Blog).

Scenario editing:

[Dune 2] A handy scenario editor for Windows

[Dune 2] DuneMaps v.64 Released

[Dune 2] Scenario editing questions

[Dune 2] Scenario format

[Dune 2] Scenario [MAP] 'hidden' feature

[Dune 2] Map format for Dune II remakes

[Dune 2] Conquest map regions

[Dune 2] No Harvesters delivered, if Refinery is build

EXE editing and programming:

[Dune 2] Dune II editor with 1.07 support

[Dune 2] EXE editing & programming issues

[Dune 2] Hex Editing Collection on EXE

[Dune 2] V1.07 EU Text Centering

[Dune 2] Overlays

[Dune 2] Concrete bug fix

[Dune 2] Super Dune 2: Conquest Map Vanishing Houses Fix

[Dune 2] EMC pages opened

[Dune 2] Script Tools 1.2

[Dune 2] Script Tools 1.3

Dune 2 SDK

[Dune 2] libeastwood 0.3 released!

Graphics editing:

[Dune 2] Format80 decompression

[Dune 2] Editing .SHP and .ENG files


[Dune 2] Spice value ?

[Dune 2] Unused sound files

[Dune 2] Sound drivers update [experiment]

Various mod projects:

[Dune 2] New campaigns (in progress)

Dune 2 eXtended Project

[Dune 2] Dune Who: a mod with Dr. Who theme

Dune II remakes:

List of Dune II clones and remakes

[Dune 2] Remake Development


OD2: Dune 2 engine recreation

[DL] Dune Legacy 0.96.3

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