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Dune 2 - who made it? (credits)


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I'm looking for a complete list of the people who made Dune 2. Since I do not really have the time to figure that out, I was wondering if anyone could get me a list (post it here).

I know some names, but not all. I need these for the credits section of D2TM. Because, of course, D2TM would never exist without Dune 2 in the first place ;)

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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Made it more text friendly, gives me:

Design Joseph Bostic, Aaron E. Powell

Programming Joseph Bostic, Scott K. Bowen

Graphics / Artwork Elie Arabian, Aaron E. Powell, Ren Olsen, Judith Peterson, Eric Shults

Musical Lead and Sound Effect Verification

Paul S. Mudra

Music Frank Klepacki, Dwight K. Okahara

Sound Frank Klepacki, Dwight K. Okahara

Cover Art Lauren Rifkin

Documentation Lisa A. Ballan, Lisa Marcinko

Producer Brett Sperry

Director Aaron E. Powell, Lyle J. Hall

Project Coordination in UK

Dan Marchant, Peter Hickman

Writing / Dialogue / Story Rick Gush, Donna J. Bundy

Quality Assurance

Jesse Clemit,

Matt Collins,

Patrick J. Collins,

Scott J. Duckett,

William F. Foster,

Michael S. Glosecki,

Danny Lewis,

Michael Lightner,

Eugene Martin,

Justin Norr,

Glenn Sperry,

Noah Tool,

Matthew Spall,

John Martin,

Darren Lloyd,

Ken Jordan,

Richard Hewison,

Paul Coppins

Coordination of Art & Design

Matthew Walker

Manual Design for UK, Germany, France & Italy


Acting / Voiceovers

Donna J. Bundy, Frank Klepacki, Eric Shults, Glenn Sperry, Julie Stainer

Special Thanks To

David Bishop, Marc Cram, David A. Luehmann

European Cover Design

Andrew Wright

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I didn't check, but I think it's the one Nyerguds compiled himself (there's also a scanned PDF manual on ReplacementDocs).

EDIT: Yep, it's Nyerguds' work, he converted an MSWord version of the manual supplied with the HitSquad release into a PDF; I think he wanted to put in good quality colored images, but then he didn't, as it seems :) I also participated in this a bit, since I proof-read the manual and sorted out some errors (like the images of the Deviator and Sonic Tank were mixed up).

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