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Dune 2000 Graphic problem


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Hi all, i'm new here, and i love this community, the only one real good community for d2k.

Recently i install dune2000 on my windows xp sp3, i have an invidia geforce 7300 go, and when i launch dune2000 on my pc i have this graphic error.

Please help me titan of dune2000!

I love this game and i want play it!

Any solution?

Look the file attachements


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Nope man, i think too it's a incopatibily problem whit some hardware, but i think is beacouse i have a 16:9 screen, beacouse on my other pc, windows xp sp3 whit the same graphic card works, whit a 4:3 screen.

I can't find any solution for my laptop.

Then if anyone have a laptop whit working dune 2000, or someone know the solution of my prob, help me!

And sorry for my bad english i'm italian xD. :)

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I think I found the solution.

Unfortunately, the menu screen can't be corrected, but try to change the colour settings to 8-bit in that menu (a bit of a hassle, but you can do it). When you run a mission, the screen is fine. A pity it's 8-bit, but better this than nothing, eh?


The compatibility modus wouldn't affect anything, so you can uncheck it (doesn't matter).

Along with screen options of 256 colours, resolution of 640 x 480, it won't affect anything(, other than scaling, but that you could do with your monitor options).

The "-g" command is also not helping anything.


Run the game, change the game options to 8-bit graphics, and you should be fine, at least I am.

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last solution -not working... everythink not working  :-

i think the problem is 16:9 monitor screen... so one possible solution is changing the monitor... :-( it is sad, i know

i tried everythink what i found.. but nothing helped me.. i still have splitted screen

PS: Sorry for my english.. it is not my origin language

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