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'Starcraft II' Dune Modding


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Hi there!

I just came back to FED2K after a year of inactivity. I'm quite busy managing myself in www.TheHelper.net, now that I have enough time to be active in this great site..

Blizzard Entertainment announced the development of their new RTS game, Starcraft 2. Well I was thinking, because I heard rumours that Sc2 is more mod-friendly than Warcraft 3 and all..

Because my previous Warcraft 3-based Dune mod, The Sands of Time, failed because of lack of support and team members.

Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/10435/the-sands-of-time-warcraft-3-frozen-throne-mod

I just stopped it, knowing it would be a failure. When I heard about Sc2, there was a glimmer of hope. I could revive the poor thing, and continue developing it, gathering new team members. It's better to make a Dune mod out of Sc2 because of their space/planetary battle themes. And Sc2 is 3D, packed with alot of features. With these things, I plan to revamp the whole mod.

If SC2 is released, I won't remake the mod yet. I'll have to learn more about the scripting, triggers and such, as well as the editor functions and in-game textures.

I was wondering if any of you are going to make Dune mods with the Sc2 engine. It would be nice!

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I used to do amateur Starcraft campaign-building a while ago. I even had an idea for a UMS Dune-themed map (3 Terran factions representing the Dune II/2k/EBfD Houses, with various tech trees like the Ordos getting Raider Trikes (Raynor) instead of ordinary Trikes (Vulture) etc. etc.), but I didn't make it after all. Maybe I'll join in, provided I have enough free time :)

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I do not know if the name Daelin rings a bell, but let's just say I have some experience with Warcraft 3 coding (specialised in spells and abilities). I used to have a total conversion mod of my own "Revival of the High Elves" that unfortunately failed due to objective reasons I won't mention here.

If Starcraft 2's scripting language proves to be close to Warcraft 3's JASS, I can definitely help you with coding. Haven't worked in JASS for a year and a half now, but after 4 years experience, I think I can remember how things work. :)

I would luv to see Dune 2 recreated in 3d. :)


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