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How much power does each building use?

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To help planing development of bases I have been looking for information on how much power each building uses, but this information does not appear not to be available!?

I have then tried to analyze different combinations of buildings to deduce the information, but my results are very confusing.

First of all, the percentage indicated on the power bar is most confusing. I would expect it to indicate how many percentage of the required power is supplied, but this is hardly the case!

The following statistics shows a combination of Wind Traps and Refineries (without a Construction Yard. It was subsequently sold to make the calculations simpler. Prior attempts including a Construction Yard did not make sense either):

Wind Trap (WT), Refinery ®:

1WT + 1R = 145%

1WT + 2R = 114%

1WT + 3R = 94%

2WT + 1R = 218%

2WT + 2R = 171%

2WT + 3R = 141%

The decline when the number of Refineries is growing, is to be expected.

But if 1 Wind Trap can almost power 3 Refineries, why is the percentage only 145% when there is only 1 refinery, it should be almost 300%?

And if we have only Wind Traps, it looks strange:

0WT = 0%

1WT = 200%

2WT = 300%

If there are only Wind Traps, then what is the meaning of 300%, 300% of what? And why is 2 WT not twice as much as 1WT?

Is this information to be found somewhere, or does anyone have an explanation of this apparent anomaly?

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I don't know if this info migh help, but: in Westwood RTS games, the power bar shows the total power level (indicated by the height of the column), current power consumption (shown by the position of the horizontal indicator) and full power/low power condition (indicated by the color of the column, which is green at full power, yellow at medium power shortage, and red at severe power shortage). AFAIK, you can't decipher exact power consumption values of buildings from the power bar.

Maybe you can learn these values by using TibEd, a modding tool that supposedly allows you to alter various stats in Dune2000 as well as other RTS games. However, I'm not 100% sure about this (in most other Westwood games, such values are inside a RULES.INI file).

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