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  1. Looks great! It must be one of the final Atreides missions, I have already mapped some of it: http://www.fkj.dk/files/Misc/Games/Atreides%20-%20Mission%209%20-%20Map%20-%2019%20-%20Incomplete.png
  2. It looks very promessing! Will you be able to render structures/buildings and the initial units/vehicles as well?
  3. Sorry, I forgot! I have version 1.06
  4. I have been trying to make "maps" (e.g. complete screengrabs) of the different missions in Dune 2000. The following is an example to illustrate what I'm talking about: http://www.fkj.dk/files/Misc/Games/Atreides%20-%20Mission%202%20-%20Map%20-%2004%20-%20Complete.png Has anyone ever made such "maps" before? I build the "maps" by moving one or more units around the map, to remove the fog of war, making screengrabs and combining them (cut/paste etc.) into on (big) image file. I have been looking for a trainer for Dune 2000 that could reveal the map, making it easier to make the screengrabs, but
  5. When can I find the icheat trainer? (tried searching on Google but did not find anything usefull)
  6. I don't know the icheat trainer. Can it reveal the map?
  7. Unfortunately all links above are dead, and I have not been able to find the trainer anywhere else. Does anyone know where it can be found, or know of a trainer that can reveal the map and actually works on Dune 2000 1.06 and Windows XP? PS: The trainers I have been able to find apparently only works on pre-WinNT operating systems.
  8. To help planing development of bases I have been looking for information on how much power each building uses, but this information does not appear not to be available!? I have then tried to analyze different combinations of buildings to deduce the information, but my results are very confusing. First of all, the percentage indicated on the power bar is most confusing. I would expect it to indicate how many percentage of the required power is supplied, but this is hardly the case! The following statistics shows a combination of Wind Traps and Refineries (without a Construction Yard. It was sub
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