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Second Life Dune shut down


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A Dune community on Second Life has received a 'cease and desist' order from the Trident Media Group on behalf of the Herbert Foundation, saying that the 'Trident Media Group has complained about your use of characters, concepts and other material associated with 'Dune' in the Second Life environment'.  Although there were only 130 people participating in it, they have been forced to remove all Dune related names, such as Bene Gesserit.  Ironically, according to this blog, Star Wars fans have expressed an interest in using the desert world, into which went a lot of work, as a spice mining planet as 'Star Wars has spice too'. 

However, according to his Twitter, Kevin J. Anderson knows nothing about this.  So is this just the Trident Media Group acting of their own accord in an effort to protect intellectual property, and are there plans for a Dune MMORPG in the works?  Thanks to Andrew for posting the information in the forums.

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