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(?) Jessica returns to Arrakis (contrary to canon). <b>Edit:</b> This may not be an inconsistency after all.

Jessica visits an Arrakeen suk with Alia, in disguise. (It's on the cover; Youll painted it from what he read in a preview chapter sent him by KJA ... whose name is also a[n interest-]killing word, by the way.)

Jessica travels to Sietch Tabr to look forlornly out over the sands where Paul has disappeared. (Mutters, "Oh whayre, Oh whayre has my baybee gawun?!" Evidently channeling a Southern belle ancestor....)

This is all old news garnered from KJA's blawgs or the Suvudu/Shawn Speakman interview with Stephen Youll. (Reminds me, I need to update the Wikipedia page. ;D )

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Reread <i>Children of Dune</i> where it describes when Jessica returns to Arrakis to check on Alia and the Twins. Especially between the lines. ;)

The woman hated the planet. She only returns because she fears the worst for her daughter and possibly her two grandchildren. There is nothing to indicate that she has returned even once after she left for Caladan. (Not even that time during PoD when she rebukes Paul for how he has dealt with Gurney.)

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There's a line at the beginning of <i>Children</i> where Alia is speculating on the reason for Jessica's return that states that Gurney returned to Caladan with Jessica after Paul's death. Since neither was on Arrakis at the end of <i>Messiah</i>, that opens the possibility (but does not state conclusively) that they returned to Arrakis when they heard he walked into the desert.

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