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Problem ingame. NEED HELP


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hello friends, I have a question again

what happens?: is simple, when I start a game everything works normally, but as time passes (ie as I build buildings and train soldiers) the game becomes slow and only happens in my base, if leaving my base to another area of the map on which it is not anything there, the game works excellent, (faster, normal).

I need to know if there is a solution to this. THANKS

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Hi there,  to make any sence of that, we would need your system specs.

Give us your video card make and driver version, operating system, cpu type and speed.

so we can better help you there.

or try disable "multitexture" within the advanced graphics tab, and see if that helps for the time being.

--by the way this should go in the support section--

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hello again!

the information you needed: 'm playing dune in a notebook

Video: Mobile Intel 965 Express chipset family (latest version)

OS: Windows Vista

CPU: Celeron 540 (1.86GHZ)

Additional information: I have already tried to use the game without multitexture and quality in all aspects LOW


How to move the post to the section of "support"? thanks.

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Ok, try changing power scheme within the control panel to 'max performance' or similar.

This could be throttling the cpu/gpu's speed to save power by default with a notebook iirc..

Or, perhaps a 3rd party app could also also be over-riding the OS.. check this also!

It might be an idea to use ac power as well, Ebfd can be suprisingly taxing :)

But i can say,  it sure does look nice maxed out with 16x anisotropic filtering

and 24x anti-aliasing with these new ati cards :P   

(didnt we all start out on Riva Tnt's/3dfx with this game?---thats goin back)

Anyway, let us know if that helps,

all goes well change the gfx sets back to a level ur comp/eyes can handle :]

oh and nevermind the 'move thread' thing.. thats a job for our friendly neigbourhood moderater! *wink*

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hi again!!

well I was watching the control panel but did not find much about this..., i use the notebook with the AC alternating current cable,. i Try looking at the configuration of the video card and it seems to be entirely correct, the only thing off is this:

Asynchronous inversion

Texture compression force s3tc

Texture compression force fxt1

I see the performance of the video card and i think is correct. or I am wrong?

tanks for all.

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No need to force anything.

The option i speak of is located in the Classic style control panel

Another method if getting there is to, 

1)right click your desktop, goto 'personalise'


3)there should be a shortcut to 'power options' from there

4)set the scheme to 'Max performance'

that should do it, provided i know what i think im talking about..

hope that helps, let us know how it goes cheers

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hi eid!

good in the end I found "maximum performance" option, but I had no luck.

I Activate that option but the game remains slow, I am thinking that maybe because of the overload of units (soldiers, trikes, etc.).

I repeat (if it helps): if I'm leaving my base, I move with complete freedom without hindrance. only happens when the screen is overloaded with units: in my base or upon arrival at the base of an enemy ..

eid thanks for everything equally.

a greeting

pd: where get maps to the dune? as many as possible ... (tnks!)

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Downloads are temporarily disabled right now. Once they are restored, go to the top of this page, click on fed2k, then downloads, then Emperor fan made maps. You must first have all 4 Westwood map packs installed. Then go to the Emperor boards and read the sticky post on how to install Fan maps. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

still i cant play a normal game.

when the area map is full of structures, infantery and tanks, Emperor becomes slowerrrr,

but far away of my base, at scroll the map this is perfect, works perfectly, i dont have a gamer machine, but Emperor runs ok. i have only this problem..

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