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dune ccg

Guest giratiklan

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Guest giratiklan

I have just learned, 3 years too late, that there is a Dune ccg. I am interested in getting involved with the game and would like to know if it is still in production. It looks like Wizard bought everyone involved with this out, but their site gives no indication that the CCG is still in production. Does anyone have a glowglobe to shed on this?

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The CCG was made by a child company of WotC that WotC "aquired", called Last Unicorn Games.

The actual title of the CCG is

Dune : The Eye of the Storm

It aint too bad. Much like the Babylon 5 game, Guild decks dominate 1:1 games, and group games are much much much more fair and fun.

There has been 1 expansion last time I checked (a few years ago) called "Judge of the Change".

Some excellent informational links follow:

http://www.lastunicorngames.com/ (basically gutted to nothing)



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Ok, I know it's an old toppic but for those of

you who are interested in seeing some of

the cards used in the Dune CCG game yu can find

them at TheLandsraad. ( msn.communities ).

I played the game myself a couple of times and

it's nice.

So for those who are interested, have fun !

Cheers, . .  8)

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I added those last 11 pix Gryphon. Thanks again.

I thanked you on the raad on this thread:


Note: I also attempted to scan the Dune RPG by LUG's, but due to the color background of the pages, the scanning software did not recognize the text .... damn!

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