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Dune II - The Maker @ Youtube

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There are several Dune II - The Maker movies on Youtube. First, i figured there where 2 movies (almost identical), not from me.

As a response, i have made 3 others my own:

Skirmish mode in 3.5 (revision 72) - no sounds


Atreides mission 9 , part 1 and 2 (revision 72) - with sounds



if you have found any; list them here.

Also, let me know what you think about them. I think i'll post movies of features, so you can see how you can do several things in game. Like, repairing units. You can repair them as structures now (hit R, select unit, a carry-all will pick it up, bring it to the repair pad and repair it for you).

Using rally-points is also possible now (click structure, hold CTRL and click somewhere).

If you want to play this version, you need to checkout the latest revision with SVN. Then go to the BIN directory and run it from there.

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Not D2TM related, although it is a DUne 2 clone:

This really shows some nice features I haven't seen in any RTS game. (really like the retreat flag).

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Ah, that's Dune II The Sleeper Has Awakened. A very nice project, but too many changes for a clone/remake IMO, and AFAIK it's MP only (hopefully a singleplayer/skirmish feature will be introduced sometime).

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