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Help me plz;


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Hi guys , i got a Intel Nvidia g35 Express chipset family motherboard onboard graphic driver and it give a error.

When i m playing , 10 minutes after , computer reset the game automatically , ir boot or restart alone.

Sometime shows a blue screen saying anything on conflict betwen driver and hardware graphic video.

I tried find out a new driver but Nvidia site there is no option to my motherboard.

i use windonws xp professional , Service pack 3 , resolution 1280 / 1024 , sansung digital monitor.

my motherboard model is ECG3510M i think , if i m true .

directx 9.0

The most information about that error is : graphic drive ( igxprd32.dll ).

the STOP i got was : 0x000000EA ( 0x89F4D278 , 0x89FF3208 , 0XBA4EBCBC , 0X00000001 ).

These error show up in blue screen when computer restarted. reseted;

I need help , i need beat spaze .

Always when i play emperor , it restart pc after minutes playing.

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HAHAHA , i put a movie to run , star wars.

i forced graphic acelerator and i got the solution.

when i started the movie , at begining it froze and restarted like emperor when i play after 10 minutes ,;

so i think could be memory ram ( onboard video ) seen coulnt be read or , motherboard ( chipset is broke video )

i will analisys what happening.

i talk to u guys late

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