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Deploy crash. Help me.


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When I deploy an ordos eye in the sky at certain points the game will crash and a construction yard won't turn into an MCV, other signs are when I've built men or machines it says ready for a few seconds before they come out, also explosions, like when I destroy an enemy tank; disappear. If I go back to a point before this started happening in a saved game it works again but this glitch comes back randomly, so far it's only happened on two of my custom maps on skirmish mode. So any ideas?

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Most of the time this happens when there is too much "action" on the screen or the map.  I've played a few fan maps with my friends when we were 3 vs. 5 AI.  Huge map plus lots of units (or something that creates many elements, like Eye in the Sky going boom) can often cause Emp to throw a hissy fit, shout "TOO MUCH INFORMATION ARGLEFARGLE" then promptly die.

Just my experience, no technical reason or workaround, other than watch your army size.

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