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For those of you people who want to conquer hundred percent of the planet ;)


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8) This is my second post for dune1 in the forums, this is a very special topic on dune and it is the most frequently asked question by many players:- "Why cant I conquer 100percent of the planet?", well I dont know if you can find any seitches in those certain areas left on dune after caputuring the harkonen dudes, but what I could tell is that there is a way to drive out the harkonen todies and most of you must know that to that is to plant trees ot what ever they plant, this seems to be useless during the game when harkonens are at there dominant position due to lack of spice but after you defeat all the harkonen fortreses and you plan all that attack and your troops are aroung the epalace you coulod send all your troops for planting purposes(the ones that are not involved in the fight that is) and start planting tres in the seitches below the areas of the remaining harkonen territories because they move on the north and soon you would control the entire dune ;D!

Hope this information was useful to newbies and for people who needed to know this!

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Hi there.

This also makes an alternative ending.

Sorry, I made a new topic for that. (I did not see this here first, just erased it)

I just found it out when I was bored about 10 years ago.

It is because Giedi Primus is a dead planet without vegetation. The Harkonnens fear vegetation.

I am laughing when people call them warmachines without mercy. They are a bunch of wimps. So they evade the planet because of their fear.

Yes, it is true, that there is no more spice where the vegetation is, but the wimps don't run because of that.

Everybody should try this alternative ending.

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