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Using atreides=hard mode?


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Having completed both hark & ordos campaigns, I took a shot at the atreides one; went to the ordos homeworld, but whatever I throw at 'em: mongeese, minos, fredaykins, sard elites..

All downed like flies by apcs, kobras, chaos lightning

seems using atreides is hard mode, eh?  :-

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Any one type of unit will get slaughtered when you just throw them at the enemy.  A well mixed variety of units, namely a mino hoard with sard elites, kindjal, snipers, and mongoose support moving in formation, are almost unstoppable... except for the chaos lightning.  For that I'd air drop some engineers or minos or sonic tanks and take out the palace or some windtraps ASAP.  Ordos air defense should be easy to penetrate.

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The Ordos have a big advantage of course on their homeworld.

But you should manage if you take the game abit slower.

On the Ordos homeworld there is no spice so you should focus on getting a defense and let them waste their units on your defense.

What I do is I make a wall of minos with some turrets and mongoose behind it.

When the Ordos attack they loose their units on your defense.

Between each attack I bring in my repair units and heal the damaged units.

Minos lvl 3 I put in the reserve behind and replace by new ones.

You are ready for attack when you have :

1. A good defense able to defend your base for alittle without you paying attention to it.

2. A trained army of minos you can throw at their base together with a few "fresh" minos as the bait in the front so your trained minos can close in then deal the damage.

3. 10k money in reserve.

Once you throw your first wave at their base it will deal a lot of damage and he will suffer pain, however he should survive and recover.

So keep pumping units and send out wave after wave.

Once you notice your the one attacking and he doesn't have the units to attack your defense anymore, throw everything you got at his base.

The most annoying thing they got is the chaos lightning of course.

There are a few things you could do to annoy him.

Since Ordos have weak air defense, you could aim for their palace.

Or infiltrate with some Ix units and blow up:

base - factory - palace

If you manage to do this, he's really screwed - literally.

This is how I managed it, maybe some other players here got better tactics.

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