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Bad password error


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Well, since I don't have my old copy (broke) I am currently running a downloaded copy.

Wouldn't be surprised if that serial number has been overused.

In short that means I wont be able to play online at all unless:

1. I buy the game for a second time, now from Ebay, without being 100% sure the key still has free slots.

2. If someone is willing to help he might share his key

3. The server changes its rules (99,99999infinite of that never happening)

My copy broke because when I stopped playing, I lent the game to friends, and they abused the online in in the end I gave them my old login. I wonder if my old login still works from 6 years ago o_O ?!

I'm gonna try and update here.

Edit: old login doesn't work zzzz.

Darn I forgot my old serial, I used to know it by heart because the game would always give problems om my old computer so I had to reinstall the whole time (also one of the reasons I stopped playing back then, however now on Vista it works like a charm, was a nightmare on XP, go figure :/ ...)

2nd Edit: I know it's not "legal" to do so, but I believe the best support for the community and players (or whats left of it) should be able to access and make an account on the server without checking the serial anymore.

The server running isn't "legal" to start with I bet ...

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RA's server doesn't check serials. It does limit the number of nik's per serial though. You are using RA's server ( right?

Don't forget to use a strong password!

And check your dune2k in-box. Let me know if you have any more problems.

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Thanks you all for the help.

The guide you send to my inbox worked Voodoo Daddy, I'm very gratefull.

I'm happy I can play more than the single player now !

EmpBot sounds an interesting tool, I'm will check it out ^_^



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