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Breaking, but not so exciting, audiobook news


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What?  The third news post of today?  Well while I was posting the last one, over on the official site, a new blog entry was posted.  Many of the Dune audiobooks have now been available for direct download as MP3 files.  According to a recent press release, 'Journey to a 'world beyond words' with Audible Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Check out Audible for exclusive access to your authors and exclusive commentary. In addition, the new imprint, Audible Frontiers which features new and sometimes previously unavailable audiobooks made available for the first time in audio.'  To buy these files, go to audible.com and have a look.  The unabridged version of Dune, read by Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, and Simon Vance, is available for US$41.97, but much cheaper if you pay to become a member.  To get an idea of the quality, on the page of each book is a sample, some of which last a few minutes.  The unabridged version of Dune is currently 7th on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Top 10 downloads.

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