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Devinoch Speaks


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Those of you who were with us wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in 2001 during the early days of Emperor: Battle for Dune will definitely remember Cliff Hicks, better known as Devinoch.  He was hired by Westwood to be the E:BFD community manager shortly before the release of the game. 

As the community manager he dealt with many fansites (including FED2k), took part in PR events (like Gobalopper's trip to Las Vegas), organized online chats, participated in Westwood vs The World tournaments, supplied prizes for our Millionth Hit Contest and dealt with all the various players of E:BFD.

As part of FED2k's ongoing look back at our past ten years Cliff was kind enough to write a short article concerning how he ended up working for Westwood, his time with the company, and what he has been up to since leaving EA.

Click here to give it a read!

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