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Video explaining the Dune board game


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I have a copy of the game too. It was produced by Avalon Hill, and should be easily available on Ebay if you want a copy. I wouldn't expect a "mint" condition like in the video, but in order to play the game you'd have to punch out the pieces anyway, immediately devaluing the game. There's a couple on Ebay right now for between $50-100.

I have tons of board games like this that I never play anymore both for lack of players and for lack of time to play.

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I own both Dune board games, but played only the one based on the 1984 movie when it was released.

The Avalon Hill box has been opened only once in oirder to check the contents. From now on it will stay closed.

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I am a very proud owner of the boardgame. Unfortunately, there are not many boardgame loving Dune fans in my area, and I really want to play a few games.

I am even recreating the boardgame in my native language (Dutch) with my own cards, shields, and, of course, board.

Here is the thread to it:


If anyone has any art to contribute, I'd be very glad to use it. Of course, a mention will be given in the manual.

Also, I reskinned the Dune Emulator, but the game is very unstable to play online, I've noticed. Also, really annoying sound.

Warning about the Dune boardgame on ebay: This is NOT the boardgame OP is talking about. There are two versions: The awesome Avalon Hill version and the suckass MB version. The one on Ebay is the MB version.

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Over here in NZ (New Zealand) we have a game every few months with the boys.

One of my m8's has the AH version with the option addons.

Which reminds me we'll have to run one soon! ;)

Shame I'm at work atm, I've go some great links to a custom Dune board and pieces. I'll post links later today. But if you have access to an A3 colour laser, their worth prining and geeting protective coated.


There's Mike Doyle's version


Here's the one I like from Donal Hegarty


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