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Three more books after Paul of Dune


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Three new Dune books have been confirmed following Paul of Dune according to Kevin J. Anderson's blog.  Two of them, Jessica of Dune and Irulan of Dune, had been predicted before as part of a Heroes of Dune trilogy, but a new book entitled Leto of Dune will also be released.  This book takes place after Children of Dune, and documents Leto II's early years as God Emperor, which was apparently much requested by the fans.  It also sheds more light on the other books in the series.  Paul of Dune and Jessica of Dune will deal with the time around the original Dune novel, explaining the story of Paul's Jihad, whilst Irulan of Dune will be a sequel of Dune Messiah, when Alia ruled the Empire, and a blind Paul had walked off into the desert.  According to Kevin, a deal has been confirmed with Tor Books for these books.  Answering a question that he couldn't answer in my recent interview with him, he also said that the books would be released every other year, or possibly sooner depending on their duties with the new film and writing speed.

In other news, according to Publishers Weekly, Sandworms of Dune was the best-selling science fiction hardcover of 2007.  Also, in the film The Grand, which was released recently, there's a character played by Chris Parnell who apparently quotes Dune several times, so check that film out if you can't wait for a bit of Dune on the big screen!  According to this interview, Chris Parnell is a Dune film.  Thanks to Andrew for the information.

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