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Wanted known ArmA players! Dune ArmA Mod anyone?


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I'm interesting in founding out hope many members have played ArmA(Armed Assault) or even OPF(OperationFlashPoint).

As I've been toying with making a Dune mod using ArmA's engine and a heap of available scripts and effects. As some may know the current script available have increased the amount of options available to missions designers. Adding weather effects, enhanced AI pathing, more realistic vehicles and equipment, and more enhancement to the discrutive building side of the game.

With what the game engine provides in tools and abilities I can see even Sandworms would be possible, and by the end of development 3 versions of the Dune mod would be available. Starting with the FPS combat sim, then the FP/RTS(script available already) and finaly the FP/RPG (scripts in basic stages atm!).

I look forward to hearing from everyone.



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Due to being more First-PersonSimulator than other FPS out there, I'm planning to design it more on the books and movies. But this is up for debate, as most of the RTS look more at the squad lvl and upwards. With this game we can look from the individual soldier/pilot/driver upwards.

With the RTS version players would become the Squad leader and as money became more available so does the option to increase your squads resources and pool of manpower, allowing for bigger bases and better equipment/vehicles.

The maps would start as the standard 56km x 56km, with keep areas made on individual maps or the maps could be increased (with a small amount of graphical geometry loss) to 112km x 112km (this can be increased higher, but no-ones tired it yet).

Ideally I'd love to remake the Harkonnen assault on the Arraken(hope I go that right) and the Atreides, and the Paul and Fremen assualt to retake Arraken against the Harkonnen and the Imperial Sardaukar, with the help of the freidnly Sandworms ;) and the Weirding Modules. Plus later the Giedi Prime recapture by the League of Free Humans from the Thinking Robots and Cykmexs(can't remember correct spelling), plus many more.

The RTS would use all those models and effect plus more addons to make a truely realistic combat tactical mod.

Just the start of what I have planned.

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That would make more sense if the mod were based on Emperor and not just Dune.

DragoFire, your ideas are good. Keep them up!

Well yes Emperor has some great things in it, but by using the books, movie/s (including the miniseries) and all the games as reference material, I can see a lot of possibilities. I've got to build put a good set of reference images of each vehicle (I've got Dune2/2000/Emperor), characters and soldiers aren't a major, as have all the movies.

But as I said in another post I'll produce a WIP to show everyone and then finish that first, then start the major work.

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I'd love to get copies on images from Dune2000 and Emperor of building and units, in any format, if there is a OBJ or 3DMax of them, I can import them into Arma after some enhancements (Emperor models would require smoothing).

Already started on Harkonnen Devistator (tank version from Dune2000). Turret(external) is almost completed, and once thats finished, will start on the hull and then the internal views(driver/gunner/commander).

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Well things have been slow lately for me (being so busy with RL.)

But to give an update, I've started working on a few character models and have a few plans for buildings, plus a few vehicles and weapons.

ATM currently looking into some character animations and rigging of characters to get the look and feel I want for the characters. The plan is to have a default rig for all characters with all animations tied to that rig and all characters to refer to this. As time goes on these will be expanded to include special animations for BeneG fighting and other such things.

On a side note I've moved away from mod'ing other existing games and using a true game engine which will allow me to make changes to engine code to get what effects I'm looking. It will be single player with Multiplayer features, but later on the multiplayer side of the game will be extended to and/or past the single player side of the game, even with possibilities of moving into MMO arena of gameplay as time goes on.

I'll post some character images and maybe even an AVI of animations, once I'm happy with it.

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