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A Review of the Sequels on Amazon.com


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I've been googling for some Dune-related material and stumbled upon this article:


It's a (mostly negative) review of the sequels. There seem to be more of those there, too.

NOTE: Don't read it if you're afraid of spoilers!

EDIT: It appears that many negative reviews on Amazon are being censored (removed):


How nice.

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There seems to have been a conspiracy for some time now to keep the number of reviews of <i>Seaworms</i> at 101. (I haven't checked today, so if the number has FINALLY changed...my bad!)

It has made me very angry to watch better written and thought out reviews be deleted while insipid, one- or two-sentence splats of fanboy drool are allowed to remain, simply on the basis of the former having given the book one star and the latter, five. Only a few of the deleted reviews have actually been in violation of Amazon's guidelines.

I know Amazon (and TOR and the HLP) are in business to make money. But their behavior in this has just been too obvious and self-serving. (I've used Amazon heavily pretty much since they went online. My opinion of the company was dented last year or so when I first learned about Harriet Klausner and similar shills. This stuff has damaged it further. I'm currently too bound by inertia [a massive wishlist ;) ] to consider moving to another bookseller in protest. Besides, I have too much fun commenting on the bad reviews there! :D )

(My review was deleted soon after I posted it, btw. I complained to Amazon and it was restored.)

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