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House Atreides & The Undiscovered Country


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For the years I had the feeling there is very strong similarity between the plots of the House Atreides novel and the Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country film. But I'm surprised I have seen little of this on the internet, Google shows a only few results, apart from Michael Dorn's relation to them.

Now let's compare the plot of the film and the no-ship plot of the novel. Just mind the spoilers.

- The factions involved (The Federation & The Klingons; House Atreides & Bene Tleilax) have an animosity towards each other, but are not in open war.

- The main character is known to have a personal quarrel with the other faction.

- An invisible ship is used to make the outside world believe the main character has fired.

- The incident takes place on strict neutral grounds.

- Rather than engage into combat, the main character chooses to face trial instead.

Though, admittely, there are a few differences:

- In the novel, a third faction is the culprit.

- The novel ends with the trial, while in the film it is a setup.

Still, it has always worried me, and I believe that Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson boldly borrowed the plot from The Undiscovered Country for their novel. Not that House Atreides isn't an adequate novel, I like it best of all the new novels, but I just wondered what others felt about it.

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One thing that made me laugh, whilst watching Star Trek, is that they have all this technology, yet no cure for baldness.  Then during the advertising break, the TV channel had an advert for Star Trek TNG saying exactly the same thing as what I'd been thinking!

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I'm sure that any 24th-century people who want hair can have it. Those who don't care, or who don't have access to the requisite medical technology, might not have it. And some alien species never did, and don't care.

Besides, I've seen Patrick Stewart with hair (in "I, Claudius"). He's fabulous either way.

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Reading House Atreides for the first time. As soon as I read the section on the no-ship attack, I googled and found your post. Of interest, the Dune universe is set in our distant future. Perhaps the Harkonnens had watched an ancient recording of Star Trek VI and had the inspiration when the technology landed in their hands. 

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