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I am adding this post to share my thoughts about this game after beating it. It took me some time but I menaged to do it, even if I had better things to do than gaming.

For me it's a good, even great game, though it cannot be compared to Emperor. After Tomb Raider Legend, I used to controls that were pissing me off and decided to "be Paul once in a lifetime". Classic action game, without too many exercises and puzzles but action is the one strong point of this Dune game. The sabotages and plotting is way too fun to call this game poor, even if a lot of people were telling me that. I like also the RPG addition - talking with others to get some informations. Core were trying put it into Angel of Darkness but they failed and it was good thing, find it in Dune related game.

I like Frank Herbert's Dune and I think I will be playing it more often.

...and this music from miniseries...

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