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Have a problems with game speed


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Hi folks! I tried to play with my friend through LAN, but speed 8 is too fast for us, so we both change it to number 5 and create a new game. But the game speed is still 8. Anyone know how to slow down the game? Is it possible?

And another thing. Is it possible to create teams in multyplayer game?

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I have always heard that the multi player speed is set by the slowest player, that is if ONE of you is on 5 then the game will run on 5. Perhaps you should both try a lower number.

As to the allies-

1- you can only ally with other players, not the AI

2- the AI can not ally with each other. So if you and your friend make a team in a 8 player game and play against 6 AI, they will all fight each other and you.

3- to ally, after the game loads, deploy your MCV (so as not to waste time) then while it is deploying, hit the "Tab" key. this will bring up the ally board, you click on the box next to his name. You BOTH must do this.

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