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  1. Thank you very much. That ally thing is going well. But speed is still 8 no matter we set it in options:-(.
  2. Hi folks! I tried to play with my friend through LAN, but speed 8 is too fast for us, so we both change it to number 5 and create a new game. But the game speed is still 8. Anyone know how to slow down the game? Is it possible? And another thing. Is it possible to create teams in multyplayer game?
  3. OK. It's working. My first games.....OMG thats too fast. How can players build so many units in so short time :O??? I need to think about training ;). Hope I find some beginner like me. Daedalus come and play :)
  4. I hope. If I find how to speak with another players on server and how to play without games. Is here someone, who plays? I dont see any games to join...
  5. Good day to all! It is working! After reinstalling windows and trying that nick with password u gave me Re-erjin! Thank u verrrry much!
  6. I dont know if my hosts file is correct. I copy the text in daedalus hosts file and change IP ardess of local host to my adress. If daedalus has hosts file ok, then so do I. I know RA must be very busy I will not bothering him. I am sad Emperor doesnt work, however I will format my computer next week. Need destroy all trojan horses and virus. I hope it will run after formating. and i didnt mean i give it up. i will appear here next week after reinstalling windows and everything. Bye.
  7. My CD key is legal. I have original game. that nick with password u send my doesnt work. Still the same problem.
  8. The problem is still the same. In EmpBot when I type my nick and serial and password it appears: :irc.westwood.com 378 Lothar135 :You have specified an invalid password for that nickname. ERROR :Closing Link: Lothar135[] (You must provide your nickname first!) It is the same problem like in the game when i try to login and appears BAD PASSWORD. So this is the problem.
  9. I am here. I am always here. I am still here. I have been trying six days. All days. Many players tried to help my. Sadian speak with me through ICQ. He is from CZ like me, but it didnt work. Re-erjin999, I am glad u try to help me, but it still doesnt work. It might be because of my bad english and wrong understanding. The problem is still the same. After LOGIN it appears DOWNLOADING CHANNELS and then BAD PASSWORD. 1.:Can i acctually use the txt file for HOSTS file? 2.:what exactly must i write into this file(i think i dont understand it right). when i write only servserv.westwood.com in the last line, it doesnt work. Sorry to bothering you again and again.
  10. Nothing works :(. Hosts file deleted by mistake >:(. Pitty. Daedalus if u want to play some time, we can try it through Hamachi. Good luck with playing online. Hope U will find the way how to play Emperoro online.
  11. Hosts file isn't read only. I also tried it manually, but the problem is still the same. In the hosts file in last line is servserv.westwood.com, this works, but when I open XCC WOL IRC Server client, there is everytime IP adress in the first line and IP adress in the second line. When I type the right adress and click on SET, the adress in the second line is still and when I then close the XCC Server clien and open it again, there is again in 1st line and in 2nd line. When I try to login in the game, it appears DOWNLOADING CHANNELS and after few seconds it appears BAD PASSWORD.
  12. I follow all the steps in guide for online playing. But there is a problem with XCC WOL IRC Server Client. When I type in the first line RA's server IP adress and click on SET(XWIS), this same adress should appear in the second line. But in the second line is everytime IP adress 159 153 208 17. I don't know what to do with this. Please help. P.S.:sorry for my bad english
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