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Sound in Dune while running DOSBox


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I know we've had a few threads discussing what to do to get sound to work in Dune and Dune II, and I've got sound to work in both games before using a DOS bootdisk. But now when I run the first Dune in DOSBox I get no sound. Do I have to change something in the DOSBox config file?

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Umm, I've got the floppy version and it runs fine in DOSBox... Try playing around with different sound cards (I mean select them from the game configuration) until you reach the result. I suppose you've got a regular DOSBaox config file with everything enabled?

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Hold on - I've just fixed the problem. The setup program makes changes to comm.bat, and not dune.bat as I originally thought, so my choice of sound card in the setup program was not making a difference to the game. I should have noticed it earlier and run the right file. Oh well, perhaps my absentmindedness will help to serve someone else.

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