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Remaking AH's Dune boardgame - Feedback requested


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In another thread I started I asked what the BG crest looks like.

The Dune boardgame from 1979 has been out of print for decades now so it needs a graphical update. So I started remaking it in Photoshop to get it printed. (Yes I own it. It's legal.) Dubbing this project "Dune 2008" for convenience, I'd like to show this off a bit here and ask for some feedback.

I know it's Dutch but I'll only be playing it with Dutchies anyway. That doesn't pose much of a problem, does it?

Rules of the game are available here, if you are interested.

1979 board and Dune 2008 board (downsized, obviously)

I've changed around some things on the board. For example, the "OH Gap" from the original board was an error in print. This has been fixed to "Old Gap" later on.

Habbanya Ridge Sietch has been renamed to "Grot der Vogels" (Cave of Birds) for the purpose of saving space, and to give it some extra recognition point for the Dune geeks among us.

For both these changes I used the map in the back of the Dutch translation of Dune 1.

1979 leader disks

Three leader cards. I opted for cards since I will redo the Battle Wheel and it will have no leader disc space. Cards are easier to hold in the battle stage anyway.

Spice cards:

1979 front

1979 back

1979 Shai-Hulud

2008 front

2008 back

2008 Shai-Hulud

All links to the old stuff are pointed to files on Colin's Dune Page. More info there.

Some art is made by other people and blatantly ripped off from them without permission. But hey, it's for my own personal use. :V

Also, if anyone Dutch is interested in playing a game or two of this great boardgame, and he/she lives somewhere near Hilversum, give me a shout out. I'm looking for people to play.

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I would love to play this board game.

But your actually making a board game e.g to print out? Not a computer game?

Any chance of ripping an old monopoly or risk engine to make one?

Would it be possible to convert cyro's dune into the board game?


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